Microsoft drops major hints on HoloLens appearance at Windows 10 event

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s marketing machine is in full swing in preparation for tomorrow’s big Windows 10 event. We already have a good idea about some of the hardware that will be rolling out, but it appears that Microsoft has even more in store. One of the most exciting products introduced at Microsoft Build 2015 event, HoloLens, appears to be on the docket as well.
The evidence is fairly clear. First, we have a banner on the HoloLens site people to visit the event site.

Microsoft's hinting at a HoloLens appearance.
Microsoft’s hinting at a HoloLens appearance.

That’s not terribly convincing, but check out the Microsoft email sent to HoloLens aficionados with an explicit invite (via Twitter user @paulstorms):
HoloLens announcement
HoloLens announcement

Finally, HoloLens guru Alex Kipman also tweeted about the event and challenged us not to miss it:
HoloLens guru Alex Kipman seems pretty pumped up about the event.
HoloLens guru Alex Kipman seems pretty pumped up about the event.

You don’t need a crystal ball to conclude that HoloLens might make an appearance tomorrow. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called HoloLens a long-term play recently, and indeed it’s not a product that anyone expects to ship anytime in the near future. But it’s hardware that runs Windows 10, and tomorrow’s event is all about Windows 10 hardware.
We believe our logic is undeniable. Tune in tomorrow for more exciting HoloLens information, and we’re guessing some other surprises as well.