Microsoft Display Dock available now from the Microsoft Store

Mark Coppock

If you buy a Lumia 950 XL, for a limited time you get a free Display Dock. The process implies that you’ll be waiting a little while, which seemed to mean the Lumia dock wasn’t going to be shipping for a while. That’s clearly not that case, however, as the Microsoft Store now has the Display Dock available to order and, as far as we can tell, to ship as well.
Here’s the Store listing:

Microsoft Display Dock for $99.
Microsoft Display Dock for $99.

And here’s the order page, which sure does seem to say it’ll ship once you fork over your hard-earned cash:
Look at that, will you? "Ship it"!
Look at that, will you? “Ship it”!

So, if you want a Microsoft Display Dock to go with your shiny new Lumia 950 (or Lumia 950 XL if you end up buying one without a free dock), then head on over to the store and get your credit card out. We’ll have to see if physical Microsoft Stores have the Display Dock in stock, and if the process of getting the free unit is faster than we might have thought.
And, of course, check back for more information.