Microsoft disables Bing results in a new tab, after negative feedback


Microsoft recently launched a new Bing search test for a select group of users who would see results of their Bing search in a new tab or window, depending on what internet browser they used. After negative criticism, Microsoft is disabling this “feature.”


“We are currently testing a new homepage experience in the U.S. The Bing homepage is used by millions on a daily basis, and before we make any features permanent, they undergo intensive testing and experimentation to ensure the best possible search experience for our customers. We have nothing further to share at this time,” Microsoft explained regarding the new change. This “search test” was for US Bing users, but apparently many people around the world are experiencing it too. Many Bing users became frustrated that their search results would open up a new browser tab or window, rather than just showing the results in the same tab/window. Microsoft issued another statement today saying, “We heard the feedback, and we’re disabling the feature now.” Not surprising, Microsoft is known to roll out new “test features” to Bing on a regular basis, only to never go live with them.