Setting up a virtual network with Azure Infrastructure Services

Vu Anh Nguyen

Azure Servers

Azure is one of the most popular choices for cloud services, and if you’re thinking of setting up your next app on the Azure Infrastructure Services, look no further than Microsoft’s recent post on its MSDN blog, which details the basics of deploying a virtual machine.

Specifically, the post, written by Niall Moran from Microsoft Ireland, talks about the concepts needed to work with Azure Infrastructure Services, while giving some good advices, such as starting with a Virtual Network instead of a Virtual Machine, knowing maintenance policies for virtual machines on the platform, and understanding availability sets.

Moran also provides a detailed example of deploying a WordPress site and creating a virtual network. The steps are very clearly defined, and you can easily replicate them at Azure’s portal: the final result will be a highly available site, with a database backend. We suggest enthusiasts and those with the need to go have a look at the original post; you will be creating virtual machines and virtual networks in Azure in no time.