Microsoft details evolution from Delve Analytics to ‘MyAnalytics’

Kit McDonald

Earlier this morning, it was announced that Delve Analytics would be changed to My Analytics. Not to be confused with the new Delve app from Microsoft, Delve Analytics was a tool that used Microsoft Graph to give clear insights on how employees spend their time and what projects they are accessing/working on.

In the corresponding blog post from the Office 365 team, the company expanded on what Microsoft MyAnalytics will mean to businesses. MyAnalytics is one of the easiest ways to get insights into how you work with teams, groups, and your organization as a whole. The goal is to keep yourself in check for how much time you spend on a project so that you can stick to the top priorities. You can even check how fast you respond to emails and set private goals to meet.

MyAnalytics actually includes all that the former had (including the price tag) and has even built on top of it with some new features. Building on the former Delve with social integration, the MyAnalytics dashboard will help you take all the measures you need to ensure that you are the most productive. As of today, you can add your important people whether they are in the organization or not to the network section. This is particularly useful for teams that have many collaborations outside of their organization and want to quickly reach out to them.

Additionally, you’ll be able to share your progress and analytics with others depending on which modules you decide to snapshot when the feature releases in early 2017.

During the transition, MyAnalytics is still accessible through Delve through a separate tab or with the new MyAnalytics Outlook add-in. Eventually, it’s going to be moved to its own application for Office 365. Even though a mobile version isn’t available currently, you can access it through your browser.