Microsoft delivers personalized security bulletins through myBulletins


Microsoft delivers personalized security bulletins through myBulletins

Keeping its software up to date is one of the ways in which Microsoft helps to ensure the security of its products and the machines they are installed on. With so many products on the market, the monthly update cycle can mean that there are a huge number of updates released, and for IT professionals this can be overwhelming. It’s something that the newly launched myBulletins aims to address by providing customizable online security bulletins.

Rather than sending out bulletins that could be packed with update information that is simply not applicable to many people, myBulletins take a slightly different approach. IT professionals can visit the website and conduct advanced searches for the updates that are applicable to their situation.

Filtering s available making it possible to not only weed out those updates that are not needed, but also to prioritize them based on importance. The announcement by Tracey Pretorius, Director of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing explains that the new system “prioritizes security bulletin deployment by release date, severity, and reboot requirements to aid in decision making.”

There’s scope for downloading reports in Excel format, and there is also a handy dashboard overview that can be used to ensure that updates for select products are always prominently displayed.