Microsoft expands in-browser service 'Skype for Web' in beta form

Sean Cameron

Skype for Web

Though Skype is a massively popular service that almost single-handedly popularized the notion of free video-calls, the software nonetheless still has a few significant weaknesses which rivals have managed to exploit.

As demonstrated in the new beta however, this situation may be about to change somewhat, with the introduction of in-browser video calls. This allows users to use Skype through a web browser, without first having to install a desktop app, meaning that using the service on public machines will become a far more practical proposition for many.

Though there is no word at the moment as to when this service will be rolled out to users, it is realistic to expect that it will be soon, certainly before the introduction of Windows 10. For now, you can check to see if you’re in the beta using the link below, you’ll either gain acceptance or be told to wait for an invitation.

Will you be using Skype for Web when it becomes available? What new features would you like to see added to Skype next? Let us know in the comments below.