Microsoft could soon be bypassing local power companies in Washington State, buying its own power

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is known for its powerful software, including both Powerpoint, and Power BI, but if the company has its way, it might soon be known for buying its own power as well. According to a new report from the Associated Press, Microsoft could soon bypass the local power companies in Washington State by buying its own power.

The AP report shows that thanks to a new deal with Puget Sound Energy, Microsoft will be able to buy its own power on the open market. Though the settlement must first be approved by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, Microsoft first filed for the deal on Monday. The Redmond giant also expects that with this deal they would “provide more flexibility and enable it to support more carbon-free power in the state.”

Terms are not exactly clear, but the AP reports that Microsoft would pay a $23.6 million exit fee to PSE to ensure other ratepayers are not harmed by the move, ultimately making sure that the utility would return that money to customers.  Microsoft is also known for its commitment to clean energy and was recently awarded as NA Wind Deal of the Year. The company also revealed that it has plans to shift to 50% renewable energy use by 2018.