Microsoft continues to push ‘One Microsoft’ with another reorg affecting sales, partner and services teams

Michael Cottuli

Most of us are familiar with Microsoft’s “One Microsoft” approach in the context of its products – the Windows 10 ecosystem has been revolving around unity since the operating system’s inception. What some people don’t know, however, is that the “One Microsoft” approach extends to the company’s inner workings as well. The latest reorganization internally at Microsoft is combining several key departments, advancing the “One Microsoft” strategy.

The reorganization is taking place officially on February 1st, and it’s going to be combining Microsoft’s Enterprise & Partner Group (EPG) and Public Sector, Small and Mid-Market Solutions and Partners (SMS&P) businesses. Chris Weber, who is currently the corporate vice president of midmarket solutions and partners, is going to be taking charge of the two businesses when the reorganization takes effect.

When ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley asked Microsoft if this new reorganization was going to cause any layoffs, she was told “There are no layoffs as a part of today’s announcement. Like all companies, Microsoft reviews its resources and investments on an ongoing basis.”