Microsoft confirms 2,300 upcoming job cuts and site closing in Finland

Sean Michael

Windows10Mobile Lumia920 1

Earlier this Summer Microsoft announced that they would be laying off 7,800 employees as part of what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella called a “fundamental restructuring of our phone business.” Microsoft has now confirmed that a manufacturing plant in Salo, Finland is being closed and 2.300 jobs are being cut there. Reuters (via Windows Central) reports that sites in Espoo and Tampere in Finland will remain open.
Cutting this many jobs and shutting down a plant certainly qualifies as a “tough decision” for Satya Nadella. Despite it being tough and affecting thousands of former employees, the decision is viewed by many as necessary to move forward with Microsoft’s overall strategy. The Nokia acquisition of Nokia has been followed up by struggles in sales and a $7.6 billion write-off. That isn’t to say that it’s without merit. Almost every Windows Phone on the market is a Lumia device and the future of Windows Phones will likely flow through that brand.