Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen helping US Coast Guard in search of lost plane


Talk about a good deed. Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen is putting his expensive yacht to good use by helping the US Coast Guard search for an American pilot and two Palau police officers whose plane disappeared while chasing a Chinese ship who were poaching for giant clams from a marine reserve.

paul allen boat 1

The plane vanished Sunday as it pursued a larger Chinese ship and reports even indicated that the ship was set on fire during the pursuit just 500 miles east of the Philippines.

Paul Allen’s 414 foot yacht has two helicopters, a submarine, and a remote controlled underwater vessel and was put to good use searching for the missing plane. Allen was already in the region to help out film director James Cameron who was recently exploring the worlds deepest point at the Mariana Trench northeast of Palau.

“He’s being very modest about his participation. I’m not sure if he’s still on board. But for the last few days, he’s been lending us both his helicopters in aid of the search. He’s been a huge help,” the US Coast Guard stated.

Nice to see Allen sharing what he has for a good cause.