Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen gives half a million dollars to Seattle radio station KEXP

Arif Bacchus

Back in April, we reported on the fact that Microsoft teamed up with Seattle Indie Radio station KEXP to present “Inside the Music of KEXP” at the Seattle Center. Today there is some newer information on the KEXP front, as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has given half a million dollars to the Seattle radio station.

As reported by GeekWire, the donation helped KEXP surpass a $15 million fundraising goal for a capital campaign that was set to close June 30. It’s not the first time that Paul Allen has contributed, though, as GeekWire also reports that Allen’s Paul G. Allen Family Foundation supports the station through competitive grant proposals.

The donation should come as no surprise since GeekWire notes that Allen has been passionate about music since he received his first guitar when he was 16 years old. Allen’s donation is still very positive for the Seattle community, and it shows that his involvement has transformed the station since its days at the University of Washington back in 2001.