Microsoft CEO speaks at ITxpo – Windows 10 architected to ‘run on everything’

Staff Writer

Microsoft CEO

Microsoft’s dream to create a single platform across smartphones, game consoles, and every shape and size of PC, has never been more apparent than with the announcement of Windows 10. Current Chief Executive Officer, Satya Nadella, made a statement during his appearance at ITxpo that confirmed the company’s focus.

“Windows has gone through a re-architecture to one core Windows that runs everywhere. We architected the right Windows in the right devices with the right features.”

Nadella made it clear that Windows 10 is poised to be an important step in order to spread Microsoft’s reach from wearables to sensors. In his own words, Microsoft’s CEO commented that Windows was “architected… where it can run on everything.”

Previously, Microsoft launched their campaign for the Internet of Things; a mission statement that they intend to run on any type of internet connected device. Nadella stated that Windows 10 was the manageable and secure operating system that is needed to make these ideas a reality. The CEO also noted that their Azure cloud service would be used to help offload certain actions and create a smoother experience.

The goal of “one” was not Nadella’s only focus at ITxpo; he addressed operating system licensing and the concern that current Microsoft licensing is too complicated for consumers. Nadella believes that Office 365 is a “step in the right direction” for more effective results. A comment was made that Office 365 and Exchange are competing, and that one will eventually take over the other – either way, Microsoft will win, but will give enterprise users the time to transition.

To support the effort of Windows 10, Nadella continued to talk up Microsoft Azure’s extendibility, and how the service has been able to keep up with one of the dominant leaders in the field, Amazon Web Services. Microsoft continues to see the future that they describe as being run by “hybrid clouds”.

As we move forward, we will continue to see whether or not Microsoft’s dream of “one” will come true under Satya Nadella’s leadership.