Satya Nadella and Terry Myserson take the Ice Bucket Challenge, nominate Windows Insiders

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: Microsoft

Looks like the folks over at Microsoft are back at it again, promoting ALS awareness and issuing more Ice Bucket challenges. This time around, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is bringing along Executive Vice President of Windows, Terry Myerson to issue a challenge to the 6 million Windows Insiders worldwide.

The Ice Bucket Challenge, short for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, was a viral sweeping movement originally intended to help promote awareness and financial support to research the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. ALS or commonly referred, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a disorder that involves the death of neurons resulting in stiff muscles and muscle twitching that eventually affects speaking, swallowing and breathing.

The Ice Bucket Challenge was a two-pronged approach to spreading the word about ALS. Individuals could either take to social media and film themselves accepting the challenge from others by pouring bucket(s) of ice and water on their heads or, provide a charitable financial donation to ALS.

Image Credit: Microsoft

During July-August of 2014, a swath of individuals, celebrities, CEO’s and marquee athletes took to social media to participate. Many of which opted for the fun viral filming portion of the challenge, while others did both the bucket challenge while also donating. Last year, former NFL New Orleans Saints safety Steve Gleasson challenged Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Nadella accepted the challenge on behalf of the research team that won Microsoft’s Hack-a-thon and worked with Steve on ALS research. Steve also was part of Microsoft’s very moving ‘Empowering’ SuperBowl commercial in 2014, that told Steve’s story of how using Windows helped him maintain an active career and lifestyle after his ALS onset.

This year, it appears Steve has once again called out Nadella, and with the help of Windows lead Terry Myerson, Nadella is calling upon Windows Insiders to start participating once again in spreading ALS awareness.