Microsoft celebrates Safer Online Day, with Do1Thing privacy awareness initiative



It’s Safer Internet Day today, and on the occasion, Microsoft has shared some security tips that will help its online users stay safe on the interwebs and keep their data well protected. 

Just this January, we witnessed numerous security breaches, albeit on Microsoft’s own blog and Twitter accounts, or Target, LinkedIn and Yahoo security hacks, the web, very much like the real world, has bad people too.

Microsoft has also encouraged its users to practice a few things to make their own virtual life more secure. The blogpost also offers tips like locking your devices and online accounts, using secured connections while performing important transactions, keeping tabs on the information the web has about you, and knowing with whom you are sharing information in social media.

While all of the tips might seem obvious to many, it is surprising how few of these tips people actually implement in their lives. According to a survey by the Redmond-based company, just one third of the people bother taking preventive measures to help protect their digital life.

You can head over to Safer Online to get more information, and tweet #Do1Thing to make others aware of this campaign.