Microsoft celebrates 15 years of .NET

Kareem Anderson

As Microsoft looks to incorporate more open sourced coding and development, the company still manages to keep an eye squarely fixed on its roots in .NET.

Just today, the company celebrated the 15th anniversary of its .NET introduction.

“Since the beginning, the .NET platform has allowed developers to quickly build and deploy robust applications, starting with Windows desktop and web server applications in 2002. You got an entire managed framework for building distributed Windows applications, ASP.NET was introduced as the next generation Active Server Pages for web-based development, and a new language, C# (pronounced “see sharp” :-)) came to be.”

For any developers feeling nostalgic today, the .NET blog is hosting a handful of anniversary tidbits of Microsoft’s .NET programming language.

Microsoft is also encouraging fans to get engaged with today’s anniversary celebrations by suggesting gear to wear as well as links to visit to gather more information about the 15 year evolution of .NET