Microsoft and CardioDiagnostics partner to create Azure powered monitoring tools

Kit McDonald

Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology has made significant strides in the bringing healthcare to a higher quality. One such example is that of cardiologists experimenting in mobile cardio telemetry. That is to say, a device that can securely share collected data in real time across the cloud to be monitored by medical professionals.

In today’s Microsoft News Center blog post, the company shared insight into the potential of its monitoring device led by Ziad Sankari and his team from CardioDiagnostic. The medical pioneering company has put themselves on the map for developing an algorithm that is capable of analyzing the electrical activity of the heart and detecting specific patterns with quick recognition. In n effort to create products and technology for their innovation, CardioDiagnostic praised Microsoft Azure’s services as being scalable, available and durable. In compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Azure provided their project with the peace of mind that patients data is safe.

The device is about the size of a mobile phone that is then hooked up to electrodes. It can be worn in any setting necessary by the patient without the need to be even remotely near a trained medical professional. In fact, they can even use the monitor while it is charging. The data is sent in real time through the cloud for a consistent monitoring of the patient’s wellbeing. The technology makes it possible to detect arrhythmias or abnormalities that might occur. These early detection will not only help the team understand correlations with these symptoms and cardiac anomalies, but could potentially save lives with quick response. Perhaps the most important part of the device is the emergency button, keeping an alert close at hand for a surprise situation or discomfort.

It never ceases to amaze what applications Microsoft’s technology might have their hands in. With a growing healthcare field ripe for significant technological advancements, the company continues to sow fields of possibilities through their secure and effective Azure cloud.