Build Tour is a condensed version of the big dev conference and here's where you can attend

Staff Writer

Microsoft announces tour dates for the Build developer conference

Microsoft had previously announced that it would be touring the world for developers who couldn’t make it to this year’s hotly anticipated Build conference in San Francisco.  This tour will be a sort of condensed version of the big event, and will include the most pertinent announcements, coding sessions and demos, partner showcases, and question and answer sessions with Microsoft engineers.  Best of all, these will be completely free of charge. For full details on the tour, take a look here.  The complete list of cities, which will be visited over the next month, is as follows: 

  • London, England (May 18)
  • New York, USA (May 18)
  • Moscow, Russia (May 20)
  • Atlanta, USA (May 20)
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (May 21)
  • Berlin, Germany (May 22)
  • Tokyo, Japan (May 26)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (May 27)
  • Singapore, Singapore (May 28)
  • Austin, USA (May 29)
  • Auckland, New Zealand (May 30)
  • Sydney, Australia (June 1)
  • Seoul, Korea (June 1)
  • Paris, France (June 1)
  • Shanghai, China (June 3)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (June 3)
  • Beijing, China (June 5)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (June 5)
  • Mumbai, India (June 8)
  • Bangalore, India (June 10)
  • Milan, Italy (June 10)
  • Chicago, USA (June 10)
  • Johannesburg, South Africa (June 12)
  • Toronto, Canada (June 12)
  • Los Angeles, USA (June 15)
  • Hong Kong, China (June 19)