Microsoft Build – coming May 25-27?

Kip Kniskern

Microsoft logo and name at conference

During the Microsoft Ignite livestream, CVP Jeff Sandquist revealed that “Build is coming in May.” Not a huge revelation, as the conference has traditionally been in April or May, but so far Microsoft hasn’t said much about this year’s virtual only version of the annual developer focused event.

Now, in a sizzle video revealed by Microsoft-watcher extraordinaire WalkingCat, it looks like we may be able to further narrow down the dates for the upcoming Build 2021:

The sizzle reel, starting with an ode to Microsoft’s resilience in response to the global pandemic when it comes to pivoting to these virtual events, goes on to reveal a very quick slide showing some dates for upcoming events, captured in this screenshot:

Build Dates

WalkingCat is adamant on Twitter that these are “placeholder” dates, but even though Microsoft isn’t saying much about timings, the dates for Ignite are right, and there’s as good a chance as any that these will turn out to be the actual dates for Build (May 25-27), Ready (July 21-22), and another version of Ignite (October 13-14).

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy the video, it’s fun!