Microsoft brings Search and URL redirects to their Azure Information Protection Documentation with September 2016 update

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft has recently updated its Azure Information Protection Documentation to include a new name that better reflects the company’s rebranding efforts and to include some of the recent product and service announcements revealed during Ignite 2016.

First things first, readers should notice that documentation unique to Azure Information Protection is now being integrated into the rest of the literature. Perhaps, even more, convenient than a single source of info is the new starting page of the documentation that will now suggest or recommend the most updated information for readers, avoiding the infinite scroll issues of other detailed online documents.

Microsoft has also included a Search box to accompany the many changes to the updated documentation reading experience. The new Search box now enables readers to jump to accurate information along with new URLs to document pages that redirect.

Carol Bailey, a Microsoft technical writer, also covers the many nuances in today’s update to Azure Information Protection Documentation for 2016 in her recent posting on the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog.

The list of articles which contain significant changes since last month’s update to the documentation is fairly long and rather dense.

To see the listing, which includes:

among other detailed document changes, visit the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog for more details.