Microsoft brings .NET and Win32 apps to the Windows Store for Windows 10

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft brings .NET and Win32 apps in the Windows Store

Build 2015 is going on in its full force with lots of interesting announcements, especially if you’re a developer. The company announced a number of great things to come to Windows Store, including carrier billing so you could purchase apps without linking your credit card, and more importantly support for Win32 and .NET applications in the Windows Store.

This means that developers with existing desktop apps can bring them to the Windows Store, streamlining the installation/update process for the users. There are over 16 million .NET and Win32 apps being used every month, making it extremely easy for users to install native desktop applications using Windows Store.

This will definitely offer users with an improved Windows Store experience since it will support these applications, and even allow users to pay for apps using carrier billing — really helpful in developing countries if Microsoft plans to push it there as well.