Microsoft Bing Chat Enterprise now answers maps and direction related queries

Devesh Beri

Google maps on a phone in hand

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Bing Chat Enterprise (BCE) has recently improved by providing directions and map-related information, which is now also available on Edge Mobile. When you ask Bing Chat Enterprise for directions, it will now offer more detailed and helpful responses.

Once you’ve described your preferences, it will present you with a recommended route using Bing Maps. This feature can help you navigate and plan your journey more efficiently.

Example Query 

For instance, you can ask BCE,

“Can you give me the best directions from downtown Redmond to SeaTac Airport?” 

And expect to receive comprehensive directions along with a recommended route.

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This enhancement could make your navigation experience with BCE more informative and user-friendly, allowing you to access directions and maps conveniently.

Apart from the Maps and Directions feature, it’s important to mention that Bing Chat Enterprise on Windows Copilot has been launched in preview. This feature assures data protection and privacy for organizations using Windows Copilot, offering a secure environment for chat interactions. Microsoft added that eligible organizations that have enabled Bing Chat Enterprise can now use it seamlessly on and Windows Copilot without needing additional steps.