Microsoft begins testing a new Xbox games library UI

Robert Collins

xbox app on pc

Those in the Xbox Insider Alpha Ring are testing out some major new tweaks to the Games & Apps section of the dashboard. This is where users typically go to find their owned and installed games, under the “Full Library” subsection.

The new Insider build introduces a tabbed interface that categorizes your games into “Owned games,” “Xbox Game Pass,” “Game with Gold,” “EA Play,” and so on. This new layout is likely to be a big improvement to the Games Library when it releases to the public. It promises cleaner, more orderly navigation of your library, which in its current layout is somewhat cluttered.

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Could it be that Microsoft is implementing this new streamlined UI to accommodate additional subscription pools? For instance, just days ago we reported on the rekindled rumor that Ubisoft+ could be landing on Xbox Game Pass alongside EA Play. This in addition to the forthcoming “Xbox Game Pass Family & Friends” tier, which was recently announced. Though this is just speculation, it seems likely enough. And it would lend further credence to the Ubisoft+ rumors. You can find out what else is in the latest build over at Xbox Wire.

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