Microsoft backs amendment that protects Iowan’s electronic communications rights

Kareem Anderson

The political climate around digital search and seizures is becoming a tumultuous battlefield for those forced to choose a side between the veil of privacy or the allure of security.

One of those tumultuous battles is being fought in Iowa as legislation is being brought to the Iowa Constitution which would offer protections against the unreasonable search and seizure of citizens electronic communications and data. The protection is being pushed through Iowa legislature as a special constitutional amendment.

While it would seem normal everyday citizens and consumers appear to be losing large battles such as these to deep-pocketed and heavily entrenched players, Iowan’s are being backed by the firepower of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in this fight.

According to the Des Moines Register,

The resolution is supported by lobbyists representing Microsoft Corp.; Google Inc.;; and the Iowa Association for Justice. In addition, the Motion Picture Association of America is monitoring the bill and is listed as undecided. No groups are registered as opposed to the bill.

As it stands, the lobbying power of the big three seems to be holding sway over the proceedings as House Joint Resolution 1 has already been approved by the Iowa House with huge support in with the state Senate subcommittee.

Despite the positive momentum of the changes being attempted, it is far from a done deal as the changes will need to be approved by a simple majority in both the Senate and House sometime after the 2018 elections. If all goes well, Iowa state citizens will eventually see the new amendment up for vote in the 2020 elections.

At the end of the day, Iowa is one of several battlefields where the evolution of privacy and security are being fought and today, Iowan’s just got a win.