Microsoft Azure Stack is now available in 92 countries

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft, Azure, Stack

Microsoft is full steam ahead with the expansion of its Azure Stack service footprint across the globe.

As of yesterday, Microsoft has now brought Azure Stack to 92 countries which double the number of locales since its launch last year. To highlight the announcement, recently promoted Microsoft executive Talal Alqinawi took to the Microsoft Azure blog to post a number of customer feedback regarding the rollout of Azure Stacks over the past year.

“The inclusion of Microsoft Azure Stack services into our portfolio enhances our value proposition in a number of ways, from DevOps tools, a truly hybrid cloud offering, access for customers to Azure services like Business Intelligence and AI, to a fully managed service for any customer who wants it. Microsoft Azure Stack will bring us customers who wanted to exploit public cloud but were holding back due to data location concerns. In fact, our pipeline already includes about 60 customers we couldn’t have targeted pre-Azure Stack,” said Tiberiu Croitoru, CEO of BinBox.

“At Lenovo, we are committed to solutions that focus on performance. As Microsoft continues to expand the availability of Azure Stack across the globe, we will continue to support this with our unique, industry-leading ThinkAgile SX products and services in many of those regions,” said Per Overgaard, Executive Director, Business Unit, Lenovo Data Center Group, EMEA. “Customers will experience the simplicity of Azure Public Cloud and the reliability of Lenovo’s ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack.

Not only is Azure Stack being rolled out to the rest of the world, but it also comes with a few nifty updates on board such as Machine Learning (ML servers are now available, the development of Azure IoT Hub, Hybrid DevOps, and a unified Azure ecosystem.

For more info on the specifics of the recent Azure updates visit the Microsoft Azure blog.