Microsoft Authenticator to trial WhatsApp code delivery for enhanced security

Devesh Beri

with whatsapp on your windows pc

Microsoft is working on a new feature for its Microsoft Authenticator application. It will allow users in India, Indonesia, and New Zealand to receive confirmation codes via Meta’s WhatsApp application. This feature aims to provide an alternative to the traditional method of receiving authentication codes via SMS, which is considered less secure due to its vulnerabilities. This trial of confirmation code delivery via WhatsApp is scheduled to begin in October.

Using WhatsApp, which recently introduced a screen-sharing feature, as a delivery channel for authentication codes could enhance security by leveraging the encryption and security measures inherent to the messaging platform. While WhatsApp has privacy concerns, we assume this option is being explored to provide users with an additional choice for receiving authentication codes more securely.

The information regarding this planned feature was initially shared within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

via gHacks