Microsoft Authenticator app gets new logo and enterprise features

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has updated its Authenticator app for iOS and Android today, and the new bits bring a refreshed icon and new account management features for enterprise users. The old app icon used a white lockpick over a blue background, and the new logo reverses the color palette with a blue lockpick over a white background.

The Microsoft Authenticator already lets users manage MSA accounts within the app, and with this latest update users with Azure AD school accounts will get the same capabilities. The account management options include changing passwords, updating your work or school account’s authentication methods, and reviewing your recent activity.

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For users who have yet to add their work or school accounts in Microsoft Authenticator, this latest update also makes this experience more seamless. Now, users can sign in with their credentials in Microsoft Authenticator without needing to scan a QR Code from another screen.

If you’re not seeing the new app icon on your iOS and Android devices yet, Microsoft says that it will roll out gradually throughout the month. Microsoft Authenticator is a very useful app for consumers and enterprise users living in the Microsoft ecosystem, and you can get it from the download links below.

Microsoft Authenticator
Microsoft Authenticator