Microsoft approves the re-release of the original Xbox controller

Michael Cottuli

Xbox and Gates

Want to take a trip down memory lane? Original Xbox fans may be getting one of the strongest doses of nostalgia that they could possibly imagine. The Original Xbox controller – lovingly nicknamed “Duke” seems to be poised to make a comeback soon. In a tweet by Seamus Blackley – one of the minds behind the original Xbox – it was confirmed that a device called “New Duke” has been approved by Xbox.

The monster of a peripheral is beloved by Xbox fans that can remember it – it certainly wasn’t quite as nice to hold as the Xbox One controller we’re used to, but it’s still a nice piece of hardware that brings back a ton of memories. Keep an eye out for more news on “New Duke,” because it’s likely that we receive an official announcement about an original Xbox controller re-release soon. With original Xbox backward compatibility coming soon, this would be the cherry on an amazing nostalgic cake.