Microsoft announces planet-scale cloud services with Azure Cosmos at Build 2017

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft, Azure Data Centers

Microsoft took its cloud computing to an entirely new level on Day One of Build 2017 when it revealed Azure Cosmos DB, a first-ever globally distributed database service that promises guaranteed uptime and almost zero latency.

“Azure Cosmos DB, built from the ground up to power planet-scale cloud services and data-intensive applications from IoT to AI to mobile with incredible performance, fault tolerance and support for every type of data, including Graph,” Microsoft says of the new service in its official announcement. “It is the industry’s first globally distributed, multimodal database service to deliver horizontal scale with guaranteed uptime, throughput, consistency and millisecond latency at the 99th percentile. Developers get incredible flexibility with the only schema-free database service, with support for popular NoSQL choices, that also offers five well-defined consistency choices while auto-indexing all your data.”

More information on Azure Cosmos DB is expect to be released over the following days at Build 2017. For all of the latest Build 2017 announcements, make sure to check out all of our posts here and let us know what you think about Azure Cosmos DB in the comments below.