Microsoft announces new Windows Community Standup on April 18

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has announced a new Windows Community Standup for 10 AM PST on April 18, which is tomorrow. The webcast will feature the head of the Windows Developer Platform Kevin Gallo, and also Tara Raj, who works on the Windows System for Linux team at Microsoft. The two are expected to discuss the latest improvements for Web and Backend developers in the next Windows 10 update, as well as the Windows Subsystem for Linux, and Virtualization on Windows with Hyper-V.

As usual, you will be able to watch this latest webcast on Microsoft’s Channel 9, and you’ll also have the chance to ask both Kevin Gallo and Tara Raj questions. Microsoft uses the Windows Community Standup as a monthly online broadcast to provide transparency on what the company is building, and why they are excited about it. All previous Community Standup events are available on demand here, so feel free to catch up before the next one starts tomorrow.