Microsoft announces new product badges for Microsoft Store apps and games

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft has released new product badges for apps and games available on the Microsoft Store. The aim of the badges is to make it easy for website owners and content creators to promote apps and games on their websites, while also making it easier for app/game developers to promote their products.

Below is a working example of the product badge in action:

Website owners can begin using these product badges immediately, by using the below code and replacing the ID with the ID of the app/game you’re wanting to promote:

<div id=”mspb-nc9jl2ngc1i” class=”9nblggh2jhxj”></div>
<script src=””></script>
mspb(‘9nblggh2jhxj’, function(badge) {
document.getElementById(‘mspb-nc9jl2ngc1i’).innerHTML = badge;

Product badges support a number of features, including ratings, Xbox Live games, sale prices, and more. They act as an easy form of promotion for apps and games alike, as a result of Microsoft’s unified Store platform.