Microsoft announces new Custom Cognitive Services at Build 2017

Kit McDonald

Since its general release in 2015, over 568,000 developers have signed up for Microsoft Cognitive Services in over 60 countries. Announced today at Build 2017, a list of new services joined the fray such as Bing Custom Search, Custom Vision Service, Custom Decision Service and Video Indexer, creating a total of 29 services now available to developers.   But Microsoft wants to take it a step further by making AI even more available to developers as a whole.

Microsoft Cognitive Services Labs will put the creation of AI into developers hands. Through this, custom AIs can be constructed and submitted to the community for further development, expanding the reach of AI services for apps. Furthermore, the new Azure Batch AI Training is now available in preview for training custom deep neutral networks. This includes training their models to use any framework including Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, TensorFlow, and Caffe. 

It’s the goal of Microsoft to add a bit more humanity​ into computer interactions by giving app developers the ability to make more natural experiences with data. The tech giant is putting AI into every available product and service, fusing AI and Azure together as what they consider ‘the most comprehensive AI platform’ moving forward.

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