Microsoft announces $120,000 in annual Azure credit to qualified global startups

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft announces 20,000 in annual Azure credit to qualified global startups

Starting now, qualified startup companies can claim $120,000 in Azure credit every year in the Bizspark Plus program to help businesses to excel in their field. Microsoft Azure offers productive tools usable by any developer or IT professional and includes many services to save money and operate faster, all with 24×7 support. 

These tools are integral to any serious startup, and range from cloud computing, intelligent machine learning and real time operational algorithms, to media services for uploading, formatting, and storing any video, audio, image or more in high quality and in the correct format for any device around the world. 

That’s not it — with Microsoft Azure, one can operate and send millions of notifications and messages to any device required with a simple and to the point template. If that hasn’t struck your fancy already, they also offer competitive services for streaming analytics for all aspects of business from all data you’ve been gathering. 

With that said, if you’re thinking about starting up or already have started a business, this is a great opportunity to enter the arena of serious business — 57% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure, including 3M, Condé Nast, Samsung, and many, many, more. Truly a good option.