Microsoft and Samsung are burying the legal hatchet

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft and Samsung to look to legally bury the hatchet

Earlier this year, we reported that Samsung was looking to dip it’s toe back into the Windows Phone market again, in a more meaningful way. Not simply content to rely on hand-me-down hardware with second rate add-ons, it looked like Microsoft was going to leverage a potentially damaging litigation against Samsung into negotiations that were mutually beneficial to both parties.

As Microsoft looked to mend bridges and foster new and healthy relationships through licensing and co-marketing, this seemed to be a win/win for Samsung, a company arguably aware of their upcoming financial struggles in light of fierce competitions in both established markets as well as growing ones.

Reports today have Microsoft and Samsung burying the legal hatchet. “Samsung and Microsoft are pleased to announce that they have ended their contract dispute in U.S. court as well as the ICC arbitration. Terms of the agreement are confidential.” – Samsung’s Jaewan Chi, Executive Vice President and Global Legal Affairs & Compliance Team and Microsoft’s David Howard, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel.

We have yet to find out what those terms are and for how long, but at least for today, it looks like we could see Microsoft and Samsung start to reestablish a much tarnished partnership on both ends.

We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds and keep you updated when possible.