Microsoft announces FIDO support in Windows 10 to more securely authenticate users of online services

Kareem Anderson

Microsoft and FIDO working alternative standards for online authentication in Windows 10

In another consumer friendly move, Microsoft has joined with Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance, to offer password alternatives for improved security in Windows 10. This joint venture has been one of Microsoft’s top priorities, Dustine Ingalls writes on the Windows for Your Business Blog.

It looks like Microsoft has been working alongside major industry partners in hopes of changing the nature of authentication. These new types of authentication will be lead by “developing specifications that define an open scalable and interoperable set of mechanisms that supplant reliance on passwords to more securely authenticate users of online services,” Dustin explains. 

As some businesses look to capitalize on the missteps of others, it appears Microsoft and Apple are focusing their attention on the growing wave of techno-fear Google’s all knowing algorithms are stirring up in the public conscious. Now with Windows 10 on the horizon, Microsoft will be sure to emphasize the importance they put into privacy, security, and the natural way people will be able to authenticate themselves online.

Dustin and the Microsoft team go into more technical detail about their process and their work with FIDO, which you can read at the VIA link below.