Microsoft and Elgato join forces to integrate Microsoft Teams and Stream Deck

David Allen

Microsoft lowers Teams Rooms pricing, offers free (with device) Basic Tier

Microsoft Teams meetings are about to get a higher production value and are easier to manage thanks to Microsoft and Elgato working together.  Elgato’s Stream Deck now works with Microsoft Teams.  If you’re a gamer or Twitch streamer odds are you know what the Stream Deck is.  If not the Stream Deck is an interactive keypad that allows you to execute actions and macros on the fly with a push of a button.  In terms of Microsoft Teams, being able to mute your audio, and turn on and off recording at the touch of a button makes your workflow more efficient.

MikeGannotti 0 1675348615296If you have a Stream Deck, getting started is easy, you can go to the Stream Deck store inside the software or go directly to this link to download the plugin.  If you don’t have a Stream Deck they start at $79.99 for the Stream Deck Mini.

Image via Microsoft