Microsoft and Boku expand carrier billing to Spain, Austria, and Romania

Brad Stephenson

Windows Store

The Microsoft and Boku partnership has already enable carrier billing for Windows Store purchases in regions such as Canada, to the UK, Russia, Turkey, Poland, Italy, and France and this week the payment option expands to include Spain, Austria, and Romania.

“One critical component to the continued expansion and adoption of Windows 10 has been, and will continue to be, the ability for every consumer to make purchases via the Windows Store. To that end, Microsoft and Boku have been working since the launch of Windows 10 to provide carrier billing as a credit alternative for consumers in major markets worldwide,” the official statement reads. “Longtime Boku carrier partner Orange will be leading the charge in Spain and Romania, bringing this new payment option on Windows 10 to more than 23 million mobile customers. In Austria, more than 5 million A1 mobile subscribers will now see “carrier billing” as an option the next time they log into their Windows Store account.”

Do you use carrier billing to make Windows Store purchases or do you prefer other options such as PayPal or credit card? Let us know in the comments below.