Microsoft amps up Surface Duo marketing with “How To Do One Better” YouTube video series

Arif Bacchus

Surface Duo With Hands

It’s been about a week since the September 10 release date for the Surface Duo was officially announced, but Microsoft is wasting no time to market the much-anticipated device. Over on the Surface YouTube channel, Microsoft recently released a “How To Do One Better” series of videos, showcasing some very specific productivity use cases for the Duo. We gathered these for you below into a playlist, and you can watch them below.

In the series of videos, Microsoft highlights a couple of things about the Duo which it really has hyped up over the past week. The first showcases how you can open two websites side by side on the Duo’s two screens when browsing for certain items and “make it work smarter.” The second video, meanwhile, shows off how you can view content across both screens with Photos in OneDrive to “Pic and choose your view.”

A third video reveals how you can open your emails with Outlook on the Duo, and span it across both screens to read, then rotate the device 90 degrees to reply to messages easier. This video ends with the “Easier does it” tagline. The final video in the series covers how you can watch videos, stay on Teams calls, and take notes at the same time thanks to the Duo’s two screens. It caps off with the “More conference room” tag.

The videos are pretty interesting, as it really highlights what makes the Duo so unique. Do you find these videos useful, or think they will convince you to buy a Duo? Let us know in the comments below.