Microsoft adds 'Movie & TV' section to Windows 10 Store in recent update

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Earlier today, Microsoft pushed out an update to the Windows Store for Windows Insiders running Windows 10 build 9926, which added a new section to the navigation bar titled ‘Movies & TV’. Could Microsoft be planning to release an updated Xbox Video app?

As of right now, the new category does nothing. It’s a redundant section with the message “Sorry, this page isn’t yet available in the preview”. Perhaps this new area of the Windows Store will be made available in a newer build for Insiders, which has been rumored to be coming sometime this week.

Late last year, build 9901 leaked which had this category as well as a music category in the store too, so we know the ultimate goal here for Microsoft is to have one Windows Store for all your content. Hopefully the introduction of the ‘Movies & TV’ category in build 9926 is the beginning of that vision coming to life.