Microsoft adds Bing Maps .Net REST Toolkit to the open source list

Michael Cottuli

The Bing Maps REST services are an important part of using Bing maps technology – they’re crucial for making geospatial inquiries, and pulling off some of the other things that make Maps so good. Unfortunately, up to this point, it could take a bit too much time to implement REST services in a .NET application.

This issue is being addressed by Microsoft in the form of a shift to open source. As of right now, Bing Maps REST services are available on GitHub for anyone who wants to use them. You can find the REST GitHub page right here, and you’ll find pretty much everything about the program available for your perusal.

Here are a few other open source projects that the Bing team put up recently:

So if you’re using Bing Maps .Net REST services, you can now find them on GitHub.