Microsoft adds a surprising new Video Editor app to Windows 10 PCs

Brad Stephenson

Video Editor Windows 10 app

Over the last 24 hours, a mysterious new app, Video editor, was installed on most Windows 10 computers without anyone’s permission.

This app is a Microsoft creation and it’s not really a new app at all. It actually appears to be a basic shortcut to the video edition features in the Windows 10 Photos app. There’s been no official reason for this release though a likely motivator is that most Windows 10 users are unaware that there’s video editing tools in the Photos app. This is understandable though as very few people would think to open a photo or image app for editing a video. It’s not exactly an intuitive design choice.

One benefit of this new non-app is that it can be pinned to the Start Menu for easy access. Of course, anyone can still just open the Photos app and navigate to the editing tools like usual.

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