Microsoft adds a Corporate VP for Teams Consumer experiences

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft announced today that they have hired a new Corporate Vice President to lead its Teams for consumer experiences. Manik Gupta will be responsible for overseeing Microsoft Teams for consumer, GroupMe, and Skype, and he will work under the direct supervision of Microsoft 365 CVP Jeff Teper.

The newly hired Corporate Vice President had previously served as the Chief Product Officer at Uber and also has seven years of experience in managing Google Maps products. Now, Gupta is taking on a new role, this time leading Teams Consumer experiences for Microsoft internally. According to an internal memo spotted by The Verge, he will play a key role in building consumer-focused apps to help people easily connect with their friends, families, and colleagues. “Manik’s experience… will be invaluable to us building world-class consumer experiences across all of Microsoft,” Jeff Tepper explained in the memo.

Microsoft Teams is continuing to grow, and the app now has up to 250 million monthly active users. Microsoft is seeing increased demand for collaboration tools, and it’s trying to grow Teams, GroupMe, and Skype by adding consumer features to the products. “I’ve defined my career by building foundational consumer products from the ground up and am excited to dive in,” Manik Gupta explained in a blog on LinkedIn.