Microsoft adds 270 terabytes of new bird’s eye imagery to Bing Maps


Bing Maps

Microsoft has announced and rolled out an update for Bing Maps, adding nearly 270 terabytes of new “bird’s eye” aerial imagery across the globe. As Microsoft puts it, these new images are enough to fill 100,000 DVDs.

“The additional imagery adds new depth to map views of locations from Toledo to Rome. You can also now search inside over 4,700 points of interest using Bing Maps, making it easy to find your way in malls, airports, amusement parks, sports venues and more,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has also rolled out expanded venue maps and a new “report a problem” feature to Bing Maps. Microsoft is touting Bing Maps of having published a total of 1,452,958 sq km of data. This is equivalent to half a petabyte of data.

We recommend heading over to Bing Maps and checking out your favorite getaway locations via Bird’s Eye view to see if you can spot a difference.