Microsoft has added changes to the Windows Store to rid spam reviews

Jonny Caldwell


Microsoft has revealed today that they have added some new improvements to the Windows Store to help control the large number of spam reviews. Last year, Microsoft enabled app developers to reply to reviews, but now developers and other reviewers can also report spam reviews.

When a developer reports a review as spam, it will be reviewed by one of the Windows Store team members. In addition, Microsoft has also added a feature to the Store that will automatically detect and delete many of the spam reviews that are annoying and unhelpful.
Developers now have a little more control over nonsensical one-star ratings without comments or spam comments which are irrelevant to the app itself. Hopefully this will solve some of the spam cluttering the Store so that customers will read reviews that lot more helpful and informative so it’s easier for him or her to give the app a shot.
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