Microsoft acquires Israeli video stream company Peer5, will build into Teams

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft announced this morning that it has acquired Peer5, an Israel-based peer-to-peer CDN, for an undisclosed amount. The company is known for developing enterprise CDN (eCDN) solutions for live and on-demand video streams, and Microsoft plans to use its technology to improve video streaming in its Teams collaboration service.

“As Microsoft Teams has become the primary communications and collaboration platform for many of our customers, they’ve asked us for more integrated eCDN solutions for large-scale meetings and virtual events,” the company explained. “Today, we’re excited to announce that we have acquired Peer5 to expand our ability for delivering secure, high-quality, large-scale live video streaming with optimized network performance in Teams.”

Microsoft Teams has seen significant growth during the past couple of months, as more businesses find themselves needing to communicate with their employees via live streaming. The ultimate goal of this acquisition is to provide customers with a solution that will let them broadcast high-quality videos to a large number of employees. Microsoft says that via this acquisition, it will offer a first-party solution “to help customers streamline purchase process and customer support, improving their enterprise IT management experience.”

The Peer5 web-based solution works to optimize bandwidth usage, and no additional installation or configurations to the existing infrastructure is required. However, Microsoft noted that it will keep supporting enterprise CDN solutions from other third-party partners, and this acquisition will not affect existing Peer5 customers. We invite you to check out the blog post for more details.