Microsoft acquires fiber cable company Lumenisity

David Allen

Microsoft Azure Data Center

Microsoft is still in a buying mood with their latest purchase being Lumenisity,  an innovator in hollow core fiber (HCF) This acquisition serves to bolster Microsoft’s Cloud Platform and Services to allow for tighter latency and security requirements.

HCF could provide faster transmissions with better instruction protection for federal and local governments.  Since HCF fiber is better equipped to handle large data sets the public sector could see enhanced speeds when transmitting medical data for example.  Faster and more secure financial transactions across the cloud are also possible.

Lumenisity’s next-generation fiber has a proprietary design where light penetrates an air core which has great advantages over traditional fiber which uses a glass core. Other key advantages of HCF fiber are low signal loss without the need for repeaters, enhanced intrusion protection, and increased overall speed versus standard fiber.  You can learn more about Lumenisity fiber visit their website.