Microsoft (accidentally?) confirms existence of Surface Mini in the Surface Pro 3 user guide

Zac Bowden

Surface Mini Reference

It’s widely believed that Microsoft were planning to unveil a Mini Surface alongside the Surface Pro 3 back in May, but at the last minute pulled the Mini due to Office Gemini not being ready for use. It’s even believed that Microsoft already built thousands of Surface Mini devices, which are currently sitting in a warehouse.

Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on the existence of the Surface Mini, but they may have accidentally confirmed it via the Surface Pro 3 user guide, which was released today. Throughout the user guide, Microsoft reference the Surface Mini many times, during Pen setup, rotation settings and more.

At this point, its pretty much confirmed that the Surface Mini does exist, and it’s up to Microsoft to finally pull the trigger and release it for sale. Surface Mini will most likely show up later this year, when Office Gemini is ready for prime time, or at least ready for Beta.

Until then, will you be purchasing a Surface Pro 3, or will you be waiting for the Surface Mini? Leave us your comments below.