Microsoft 365 Business picks up new security features

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft today announced a new series of security features for the Microsoft 365 Business lineup. The new security features aim to protect small businesses of up to 300 employees from cyber threats and also help them safeguard their sensitive information.

First among the new security features are advanced protections from phishing and ransomware attacks. Microsoft says that Microsoft 365 Business now includes sophisticated scanning of attachments and AI-powered analysis to detect and discard dangerous messages. Also new are automatic checks of links in emails and device protection, which will prevent devices from interacting with ransomware and other web locations.

There are also new ways for Microsoft 365 Business subscribers to protect information such as social security numbers, and banking account details. According to Microsoft, subscribers can now enjoy data loss prevention policies to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information such as social security and credit card numbers. Also included are information protection in Outlook, email archiving and preservation policies, and the ability to enforce BitLocker device encryption on all Windows devices.

These features are especially important, as Microsoft finds that 71% of small businesses think they are vulnerable to a cyber attack. You can learn more about these new features here, and sign up for a free workshop at the Microsoft Store.