Microsoft in 1st place as America’s most inspiring company, Apple in 12th place


Microsoft building logo

According to new data from consulting firm Performance Inspired, Microsoft ranks number one in terms of being the most inspiring company. Performance Inspired surveyed 4,738 consumers by asking them to list five companies they found as the most inspirational and why, along with their recent encounters detailed. The goal of the survey was to find a correlation between successful companies and those that inspire their consumers.

The results? Microsoft scored 1st place, while competitors such as Apple and Google scored 12th place and 7th place respectively. Disney and WalMart rounded out the top three with 2nd place and 3rd place, respectively.

Perhaps Americans see Microsoft as the most inspiring company due to its generous giving program. Microsoft’s Employee Giving Campaign has raised one billion dollars in cash since 1983 for roughly 31,000 non-profit and community organizations across the globe.

“Each year, Microsoft matches contributions to all eligible nonprofits up to $15,000 per employee, as well as volunteer time at $17 per hour. When the campaign began in 1983, 200 employees raised $17,000 for nonprofits. That’s a far cry from the 35,000 workers who raised more than $100 million in 2012,” a report from GeekWire added.

Remember CEO Steve Ballmer’s last speech during a company staff meeting? “This isn’t about any one person – it’s about this company. It’s about a company that is important, forward thinking, that’s innovative, that’s ethical, that hires great people and lets them lead great lives, that helps people around the world realize their full potential,” Ballmer had stated.

So there you have it. Microsoft is ranked as the top company that is the most inspiring to Americans. Do you feel the same way?