Metro IE11 includes new Downloads list and Tracking Protection features

Zac Bowden

Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in Windows Blue appears to be rocking a few new features which are yet to be talked about. These new features include a dedicated downloads list and a new feature called Tracking Protection. The downloads list is self explanatory, it allows you to remove, run, check the status and delete downloads. The Tracking Protection allows you to enable or disable the feature.


The new downloads list is a must have feature for those who don’t want to use IE11 on the desktop. The downloads list is accessible by tapping on the wrench icon and then tapping on View Downloads. This feature should have been in the Metro version of IE since the start. At least they’re working on it now.

The second feature is the option to enable or disable Tracking Protection. Currently, this setting is unchangeable in IE10, but with IE11 you can switch it on or off. The setting can be accessed from the Internet Options option from the settings charm when the app is open.